Esch Cattle Company

Esch Cattle Company is committed to breeding and developing quality ChiAngus hybrid cattle. Our cattle fit the needs of commercial cattlemen from the elevations of the Rockies to the eastern Plains and beyond.

Esch ChiAngus combine the unique qualities of both the Chianina and Angus breeds into a breed that will give you more pounds per cow exposed, as well as carcass characteristics that feeders and packers look for. Meat Animal Research Center (MARC) research indicates that heterosis will reduce production costs, increase longevity and wean more pounds. Esch Cattle gives you that and more!

Esch Cattle Company focuses on disposition and our customers' goals. The Chi breed has a tremendous amount of bang for the buck. We feel that a 10%-30% Chi influence, with the remaining genetics being Angus, has the most influence on a particular herd, depending on the individual producer's needs. In addition, we love to show off our cows because of their unmatched structural soundness, udder quality, fertility and docility. They last a long time in tough country and still have resale value as older cows.

The Angus cows are raised in the same environment as the ChiAngus cows and are expected to perform within the same standards. We do not recommend using our Angus bulls on Angus cows, however, in a commercial system they should deliver a birth weight that is slightly lower. If a producer can use Angus without sacrificing muscle and feed yard performance, then all the better. We all know that one breed isn’t the answer for everything. That is why Hybrids are so important today.

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